We use the Dynamic Trader platform with the Matrix/Delta cycles pinpointing key market turns along with a proprietary indicator to determine market direction.

In addition to STOCK MARKET TIMING SIGNALS, we offer STOCK PICKS  all in one newsletter.

Timing signals can be used to trade ETF’s, options or just your 401k/ IRA accounts.









Just want to say thanks for you wonderful stock picks. I am not an expert in trading so I buy what you suggest and only sell when I have 5% gain. Probably this is not what swing trading is all about but it is working for me. I made 5% on AUMN and gdx in addition to the other picks that reach 5%.
Just want to say thank you for wonderful job.

 Hey Ron, Eric …….. here. I know I keep canceling a rejoining your service, its due in large part because I wanted to see how good the rest were. I went back through my emails and looked at your buy/short suggestions and your service seems to simply be the best on the market. I will be rejoining shortly and this time it’ll be for the long haul. I’m kinda kicking myself I’ve missed out on so much profit in my journey to find the non-existent “holy grail”.




 Here are some examples of our recommendations:

  • MRVL 12.9% move in 6 DAYS
  • CKCM 9.8% in 1 DAY
  • COGO 11% in 2 DAYS
  • LQDT 7% in 1 DAY
  • NGRU 60% in 3 DAYS
  • GI 22.7% move in 2 DAYS

No long term committments – if you are dissatisfied, cancel your subscription at anytime.

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